Loves — I hope you are well. Over these next months, I am going to be expanding LPN to include more voices. Since I started back in 2011 as the first Green Beauty Blog, I’ve watched many new brilliant women and men join the “clean beauty scene” (because there is one now) Hurrah!

My main goal was always to get more awareness around how natural beauty was effective, and how conventional beauty was toxic. Now that awareness is becoming more mainstream, I wanted to start to bring more perspectives to the conversation.

One of my dear friends, who equally loves natural skincare — and we were discussing her tried and true favourites. Annika and I have been friends since the age of five, she is a Fashion Designer focused on sustainability and wellness, and also has different skin than I do (I’m on the drier side and she’s on the combination side).

She and I discussed some of her tried and true products. In her own voice:


MAYA CHIA – The Super Blend

An all-time favourite that I restock each time I run out, this nutrient-dense pressed oil serum is packed with natural astaxanthin (one of nature’s most potent antioxidants), supercritical chia (nature’s energy-dense superfoods), vitamin C ester, coenzyme Q10, powerful active botanicals, and the most innovative natural ingredients to combat the appearance of aging. I use this all over the face and carefully dab over the eyes, as my eye potion all-in-one. Having tried many night oils over the years I always come back to this one for complete care. The only one that rivals this for me is May Lindstrom’s, The Blue Cocoon, which is a balm and super nourishing for delicate to troubled skin.

PAI Skincare- Rosehip Oil

I cannot say enough about the healing powers of Rosehip. It has been my literal healing grace in times where I needed to heal a breakout or scar on my skin. It is naturally packed with nature’s Retinol, Vitamin A, which helps with the imperfections you might see on your skin including hyperpigmentation or scars. It is pure, potent and dramatically helps to heal the skin quickly. A little really goes a long way. TIP: Apply at night and avoid white pillowcases if you apply over a lot of area of the face, as it can discolour sheets over time. If applied on your back or chest, wear a top you are not super precious about.

PRATIMA – Healing Neem Oil

A New York fave, this antiseptic oil works wonders as a natural oil astringent. Best applied on problem areas. I would recommend using this in addition to your daily/ nightly face and body oil, since it can actually be drying (yes drying, despite being an oil). That being said, if you have quite oily skin and are afraid to try out oils, here’s your first stop shop!

I hope you enjoyed Annika’s faves! What are your tried and trues?



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